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Too Hot To Blog

23rd June 2020


I'm keeping things brief this week because, quite frankly, I'm too hot for my brain to crank into gear to produce anything of any value over and above what specials we are doing this week. And that hurt my head enough. Honestly, the prospect of doing anything other than sitting in the garden, feet in a bowl of water and sipping on a glass of very cold rosé is really too much to comprehend. Surely I'm not the only one? Please spare a thought for Jeff later in the week as it gets even hotter and he's desperately trying to shape your sourdough as quickly as possible before it over proves. It gets pretty stifling at 2a Church Street in the summer. I will obviously be supporting him from afar. In the garden. With my rosé.

So, straight to it. This week we will be open on Thursdays for collection of Walden White pre-orders. We are opening this up to all of you so if you'd rather avoid the queues then hopefully this will be of help. You can order Walden Whites by emailing me at, stating the name of the person wishing to collect and how many loaves you'd like. You can collect your bread between 11am and 3pm. Payment will be taken on collection. Card payments only please.

On Friday we will be open from 11am for walk ups. We will have Walden Whites and Rugbrøds on offer. No need to order in advance.

And then Saturday sees the return of one of our bestsellers - Fennel & Raisin. I love this loaf. It's definitely one I could eat a whole loaf of in one sitting. We are also going to do a bit of an experiment (famous last words). Some of you will have seen on social media that I ordered some Organic Malted Wheat Flakes. I saw them and couldn't stop imagining them in a loaf. So we are going to toast them to intensify their flavour, scald them (which gets even more flavour out) and then add them to a light brown loaf. I want their flavour to really shine through so I'll keep the dough simple in flavour. Yum.

And of course we will have the usual Walden Whites, Super Sours, White Tins and Rugbrøds, together with Bungay Butter, our last few Baron Bigod cheeses, a new delivery of coffee from Wood Street Coffee, Pump Street Chocolate and our mustn't-be-seen-without tote bags (I mean who even are you if you don't have an MMB tote?) to put all your goodies in.

So there you have it. I hope some of the above floats your boat and you'll be inclined to brave the heat to grab a loaf.

Have a good week everyone. Make sure you keep hydrated...

Megan x

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