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MMB Ramblings

So Mini Miss Bread turned 2 this week. Apparently. I say 'apparently' because I was completely oblivious to the fact until a good friend sent me a 'Happy Birthday MMB' message. She's one of those friends that remembers everyone's birthday, including their children's, she brings little packets of chocolate buttons for said children every time she visits and she even remembers our wedding anniversary. And sends a card. Jeff and I usually end up creating some sort of homemade card at the last minute once the shops have shut in an attempt to make it look thought through and creative. I really shouldn't like her very much. Or she shouldn't want to be seen in my company. And yet somehow, 23 years on (23????) we are still very much in each others' lives and I'd be lost without her (which translates as - who else can I send a panicked text to saying 'ARGH! Kate, help me... what is XXX's address again, I know you've given it to me a gazillion times before but I can't find it and it's her birthday tomorrow. HELP'). Thank you Kate.

So, it seems it was our birthday. Which is always a time for reflection. Good and bad. Jeff and I swore we'd been open at Church Street for 3 years but no, Kate had to be the one to confirm it was just the two years (I once had to be corrected by a great-cousin that we were, in fact, married in 2008 and not 2007). I think it's because we've lost a year to Covid. Although I can't pretend I'd rush back to March 2020 I do have to admit that it was beneficial to be forced to stop, take a step back to assess the current state of MMB and consider in a controlled, logical manner what we wanted moving forward. And as a result we are no longer doing 18 hour shifts. We have taken on another staff member. We do have Portuguese Tarts and lots of trials and tests are going on behind the scenes in advance of adding additional products to our offering. I spend more time sitting behind the desk than I do shaping bread (which is where I need, and want, to be) and Jeff is now fully-fledged Master Baker.

What a difference a (Covid) year can make.

And at last I can start to feel excited about the future again. Including all the projects I haven't even hinted at in any of these ramblings. EEK!

Have a good weekend everyone. In the wind. And the rain (what is going on?)


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