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MMB Ramblings - and May is upon us


Do you remember when I used to write to you all every Monday without fail? And then lockdown happened. And without wanting to sound like every other service that now seems to be using Covid as an excuse for making you wait for 45 minutes before they'll answer your call, my routine went a little topsy turvy. And my blog writing routine just hasn't quite got back to where it was. I need to get back on this because I know you find it helpful to be kept up to date with what's going on at MMB each week, and there's always some form of drama or anecdote to mildly amuse you with. I like to think of it as a free form of therapy for me. Like journalling. Get it off my chest and then I can move on.

Point in case: The 'fun' thing that happened behind the scenes this week was that I discovered (at the age of 40, nearly 41) that my nose resembles the nose of the Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It's true. The company I was in when this came to light did the typically considerate response - 'no Megan, don't be silly Megan, that's ridicu.... OH! Oh yes I see what you mean' as I held up a picture of the Childcatcher. So that was fun. I'm now scarred for life. Of all the public figures to share a facial feature with, the Childcatcher is not up there in my list of 'best noses'. But hey ho...I guess I should be grateful that I don't share nasal features with Pinocchio (although at least he's a nice character). Dick Dastardly. Miss Trunchball? Voldemort. That could be tricky at the school gates. It's all fun and games. At least I have the facemask excuse to hide my 'child-kidnapper nose' for a little longer!

So that was fun.

Moving on swiftly and back to MMB.

This week sees the start of our new monthly sourdough special and it is at last time for the Wild Garlic Sourdough to return. We have spent April foraging, cleaning, chopping and making lots of wild garlic butter to fill these loaves for the most delicious lunch accompaniment. We will have Wild Garlic Sourdough on the shelves every Friday and Saturday throughout May.

Bun wise - today and tomorrow is your last chance to get your hands on Cardamon Buns before the special switches to Vanilla Buns next week. Sweet, sticky and oh so vanilla-ry. Available from NEXT Friday and Saturday.

Cheeses for this Bank Holiday weekend include two new cheeses for MMB from Wales; Brefu Bach (a smooth, fluffy sheep's milk cheese, similar to a goats cheese) and Hafod Cheddar (fruity, tangy, smooth, golden). We struggled to choose our favourite during staff tastings yesterday, both are equally good in their own very unique ways. We also have Stichelton for those that like a grown-up Stilton style of blue cheese and Tunworth for the strong and oozy lovers (ha! A 'strong and oozy lover'...there's an image... I should have said 'for the strong and oozy cheese lovers'...oh gawd maybe that's worse?? GARGH. Apologies. If you like your cheese like you like your wome....NO, if you like your CHEESE strong and oozy, then Tunworth is for you... *digs herself out of a deep hole hurriedly). Oh and we also have Berkswell which is a stunning Manchego-like cheese. But British. Always popular.

What else? Many of you have now met our new member of the team, Alison, who is already doing a sterling job getting to grips with the joys of sourdough production as well as spending lots of time doing recipe testing for us for future products. Please do say hi to her next time you're in if you haven't already.

And finally, before I sign off, if you pledged to the Soil to Sourdough crowdfunder you should have received an email detailing two dates for visits to Duchess Farms to see our fields of grain and learn more about the wonderful work the DF team are doing to progress sustainable, regenerative farming for the future. If you didn't receive it then you can see a copy here. If you'd like to join us do let me know asap as spaces are limited but are filling up fast.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!


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