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The Baron is Back

27th January 2020

I've gone and put my back out. And I'm currently sat here with a hot water bottle strapped to my lower back. Ever the glamour-puss baker. I guess it's an occupational hazard. Along with the burns. When you're moving 29 kilos of dough at a time, several times a day, you really do have to look after your back. All of a sudden the tedious training you had when you started that Office Assistant job as a young twenty-something where Alan, the health and safety rep, spends half a day showing you how to lift a box of A4 paper, should have been taken more seriously. Was it just me or was Alan from Accounts really rather pleased to have this secondary responsibility, took it incredibly seriously and did not take kindly to Matt from Planning using his demonstration box as a foot-rest whilst trying not to fall asleep during the video you had to endure, just in case you needed further clarification on box moving. Obviously I should have taken more notice of Alan and his straight-back monologues. Maybe if Alan had been a Tom (Hardy), or even a Beyonce (because she must move plenty of boxes of A4 paper between dance rehearsals and perfume launches) then I wouldn't be in my current predicament. Oh Alan...

Re-use, Re-wrap, Re-tote

We were really pleased that so many of you took up our tote bag offer last week. It proved really popular and it was great seeing plenty of customers walking away with MMB totes filled with their complimentary Walden Whites. But we should have been careful what we wished for. The result is that now our tote bag stocks are running seriously low. No sooner had we re-filled the MMB hooks with totes that they were empty again and needed stocking up. When I was looking into suppliers for our totes I settled on Re-Wrap, a company that shared a lot of our values when it comes to suppliers, but as a result the lead time for more totes is pretty long. They ship their stock by sea rather than by plane as it is more sustainable meaning that the upshot of all this is if you want a tote, get one asap before we sell out otherwise I'm afraid there'll be a bit of a wait.

Baron Bigod Orders - this week only

A number of you have been asking when you can get your hands on some more Baron Bigod. Well this is the week. We will be taking orders to ensure no one misses out. So if you would like a 250g wheel of Baron Bigod (N.B this is NOT the truffled version we had at Christmas) please email us at by 8pm on Tuesday 28th January, so we can place the order and get it delivered in time for the end of the week.

If you're new to this cheese, Baron Bigod is made in at Fen Farm Dairy in Bungay, Suffolk. They have a beautiful herd of very happy Montbeliarde cows that are spoilt rotten in order to produce the most stunning raw butter, cheese and milk. We have their award-winning raw butter available to buy at MMB every week and on occasion we place a special order of their cheese. Baron Bigod is the only traditional raw milk Brie-de-Meaux style cheese produced in the UK and as it is made on the farm by the farmer it can genuinely be called a true farmhouse Brie. You can read more about the cheese and Fen Farm Dairy here.

If you'd like to place an order for Baron Bigod for collection on Friday or Saturday this week please email us at the above email address by 8pm on Tuesday evening. The price is £8 for 250g, payable on collection.

This Week's Sourdough

We wanted to do a special this week that would complement the Baron Bigod. And so Spelt & Walnut Sourdough it is, available on Friday and Saturday. Despite being a whole grain, spelt does not produce a heavy loaf. And we add in organic white flour to ensure a super-soft crumb with a generous handful of organic walnuts thrown in. Spelt flour adds a nutty flavour so combined with the walnuts you've got a pretty tasty loaf. Toast it and the flavours are elevated even further. So good with Baron Bigod.

White and Wild Tins will be available again this week, also on Friday and Saturday, along with plenty of our Rugbrøds.

Our brown sourdough will be the Super Seeded Wholewheat & Rye. It's been a while since we've done this loaf but it's a good'un. We pre-soak lots of grains before we add them to the dough to bring out their natural flavours and then a combination of seven, organic super seeds (supplied by Nicola from Saffron Whole Foods on Saffron Walden market) are added to the crust before it is baked. This loaf will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday along with Walden Whites and Super Sours.

Right I'm off to lie on the floor with our daughter's solid rubber ball wedged between my back and the floor. Like I say, glamour-baker.


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