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Storm Ciara, Dorothy & a nod to Valentine's Day (because apparently that's what I'm supposed to do)

10th February 2020


How are you all? Keeping safe as Storm Ciara shows us who's boss? You should have seen Jeff yesterday morning trying to secure our shed roof as Ciara howled around him. It was like a scene from The Wizard of Oz as he battened down the hatches whilst I looked on crying 'Dorothy? Dorothy?' in a strong Kansas accent. Ok I jest. Thankfully there was no cackling woman riding a bike in the wind above the shed (terrifying), nor little people singing about lollipop guilds and dead witches once Ciara decided to take a breather. Can you imagine? Good news is the shed is now weather-tight again. I know, I too was tense and share your relief.

Thank you to all of those that came along to Bicicletta last week for 'An Evening with Mini Miss Bread'. I really enjoyed myself and I hope that those of you that made it had a good time too. I really like being able to talk openly about the beginnings of MMB and hopefully inspire a few other people to take the leap into setting up a small business. When I think back to how I viewed the possibility of running my own business back in 2016 I had this assumption that you needed to be sitting on a gold-mine, have a degree in economics and a 15 year business plan on the desk of a bank manager or two. And yet it seems possible to build something successful without any of the above. If I can do it, so can others and that's what I'm keen to get across. All you need is ambition, patience, passion and good dollop of luck too!

This Week's Sourdough

So our nod to Valentine's Day this week is our special - Chocolate & Cranberry Sourdough. Chocolate because, well apparently that's what everyone wants on Valentine's Day and cranberries because they pop up in the bread like little jewelled hearts. Alright maybe I'm overdoing it slightly on the marketing front. There's a 'rule' in PR that suggests one would be wise to make the most of every special date that arises in the calendar; St George's Day, National Cheese Day, Take Your Pet To Work Day. And so apparently we're all meant to make a big hoo-ha about Valentine's Day. Well as you know I don't pay too much attention to each and every one of these rules but if our special of the week happens to complement whatever special day of the year it is then why not run with it?

So a cranberry jewelled, love inspired chocolate loaf is your special this week. HA. Enjoy (together, over a candle-lit...oh I give up). Available on Friday & Saturday.

Our brown sourdough will be a Wholemeal Spelt & Rye and we will have the usual selection of Super Sours and Walden Whites. These will be available Thursday through to Saturday.

And we hope to continue our increased supply of buns, including the new Speculoos buns. We're making a few tweaks this week after some helpful feedback - more Lotus biscuit flavour required, less cinnamon. But we were chuffed they were still a hit with those who tried one.

Still no tinned loaves I'm afraid as we continue to await our new mixer. But there will be Rugbrøds on Friday and Saturday. And cookies on all three days.

See you later on in the week. I'm off to find Dorothy.


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