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Staycations, More Babka & Double Cheese

3rd August 2020


August is here. And on the one hand I can't quite believe that we seem to have lost the middle part of the year during lockdown. Where did that go? On the other, it feels like a long time coming and everyone is now hurriedly booking up any UK cottage that is left to get some sort of a break. Although lockdown forced many of us to stay at home and reduce our productivity massively, I've realised that it still wasn't a break. That time to properly switch off, forget day to day life, make your biggest concern each day simply what you will have for dinner that evening and enjoy not having to home school or juggle back to back zoom meetings from your dining room table. So we will be 'escaping it all' in a couple of weeks time to switch off and rest. And although we will only be about an hour's drive away from home (and not in the Provencal villa we had been planning) I think getting off our home turf will do us good.

But you've got MMB for another two weeks before then so make sure you stock up and get your fix whilst you can. Which I'm pleased to confirm WILL include more babkas because they seemed to be a huge success last week in the absence of buns. Again these are available to pre-order to collect on either Thursday or Friday and you can choose between Cinnamon Babka or Chocolate Babka for either day.

Everything else remains pretty much the same as last week. We will have a handful of Walden Whites available for walk ups on Wednesday from 11am and then:


For the collection of pre-orders only. Walden Whites and Heritage Grain & Malted Wheat Flake tins. If you'd like to place an order, drop me an email ( by 5pm on Wednesday. Collection is between 11am and 3pm.


Walk ups only (unless you've pre-ordered a Babka) with Walden Whites on offer, plus Rugbrøds.


All of the above plus Double Cheese, Super Sours, White Tins and a handful of Babkas available on a first come, first served basis.

It's going to be another scorcher of a week. Spare Jeff and Sally a thought as they battle with hastily proving dough in the shop!

Megan x

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