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Spoilt Cows and Cheese Obsessions

30th September 2019

Photo courtesy of Fen Farm Dairy


And so September speeds to an end and a new month (and weather system) is upon us. Our thoughts turn to cosier habits - woolly jumpers, open fires... and all the cheese. Or is that just me? It's just it goes with, and improves, pretty much everything. Even our Chocolate Sourdough (talking of which one of our customers reported they ate their Chocolate Sourdough at the weekend with scrambled eggs! The possibilities are endless). Anyway, back to cheese.

Whether you prefer a thick coating of ricotta cheese to scambled eggs on your Chocolate Sourdough, you're partial to a thick wedge of Wensleydale on our Wholewheat & Rye or you add extra Mature Cheddar onto a slice of cheese on toast using our Double Cheese loaf, it's fair to say that cheese goes pretty darn well with any of our sourdough. And this week as well as providing you with the sourdough we are also going to offer you some very special cheese to go with it.

We have bought in a limited number of 250g packs of Baron Bigod from our favourite dairy Fen Farm Dairy, who also make the Bungay Butter we sell. Made using the same raw milk from the very happy, and very spoilt, Montbeliarde cows that make the butter, it is the only traditional raw milk Brie-de-Meaux style cheese produced in the UK. Made by hand it has a smooth silky texture and a golden curd, with long lasting warm earth, farmyard and mushroom flavours. You can read more about the cheese here. We have just 15 packs of the Baron Bigod available on Saturday only so get there early if you want to grab a pack.

And what better loaf to serve it with than our Hazelnut & Fig Sourdough. We've been going round in circles as to which one to offer to complement the cheese, and this one just kept coming to the top of the list. So that will be one of our specials along with, you've guessed it, Double Cheese Sourdough. I realise that there are some customers out there that may not actually like cheese (it's ok, I've come to terms with this concept, my counsellor has worked wonders) and hope the Hazelnut & Fig will fill the gaping cheese-less hole in your life. In addition I'm very happy to confirm that at last I've managed to get over to Foster's Mill in Swaffham Prior to stock up on a couple of my favourite flours they produce in their wonderful mill, and will therefore be offering the Malted Multiseed Sourdough, which we haven't done since our first week of opening the shop. So all the above, plus Rugbrød (which I was pleased to hear many of you tried for the first time as a result of our collaboration with Saffron Fish Co. last week), Tinned sourdoughs for packed lunches, Walden Whites and Super Sours.

Plus of course something for the sweet-toothed amongst you on the counter. There have been requests for the inclusion of raspberries again in our cookies - any other requests for sourdough cookie additions? Cheese maybe?

Right, time to sign off.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop later on in the week.


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