No, I'M Asparagus (stick with me people)

Updated: 5 days ago

29th June 2020


I hope you've all now managed to cool down after the heatwave of last week. Ever since last summer we had been slightly dreading the increase in temperature at the shop this year as it was a very steep learning curve. We lost fridges and numerous loaves whilst we adjusted and adjusted to try to keep the dough happier in the heat. Thankfully most lessons were learnt this time round, but the image to the right shows that we weren't completely exempt. It is heartbreaking when two days of efforts fail, but it could have been a lot worse. This is all part of the delight of sourdough. Always learning, always adapting.

This week we have a bit of a treat for the foodies amongst you. You may have read how some food suppliers have struggled during the pandemic as a result of restaurants closing. One of these is Kerr Farms in Suffolk, who I've been chatting to recently. They supply beautiful, quality asparagus to some of the best restaurants in London and I'm excited to have been able to secure some of this for our customers before the season ends. We are going on a family MMB road trip tomorrow to pick it up and will then be selling it by the bunch later on in the week at the shop. Perfect grilled on a slice of MMB sourdough, topped with a poached egg and parmesan shavings. We will only have asparagus this week so grab some now whilst you've got the chance.

(Has anyone else seen that birthday card depicting various vegetables enacting the film Spartacus, with a quote above saying 'No I'M Asparagus'? Always makes me giggle).

We have also been working on some other exciting projects. One of these, as you know, is the MMB: Soil to Sourdough project. We have Duchess Farms coming to visit us later this week to start planning our of fields of grain, and to deliver the first batch of flour for those of you that requested the reward when you made your generous pledges. We will be in touch to confirm when these can be collected together with an update on the fields as soon as we know more.

Also this week we are excited to be taking delivery of our brand new, specially commissioned MMB dough knives. Made by the one and only Campbell MacFarlane, who makes the best work benches in the bakery industry, these limited edition MMB dough knives are the same as the ones we use in the shop. They will be available to buy from MMB and for those of you that have been learning to make sourdough during lockdown, they will take your sourdough making to a whole new level. We wouldn't use anything else at MMB. Keep an eye on social media if you're interested in purchasing one of these or drop me a line if you'd like to express your interest in getting your hands on one.

What else...asparagus, dough knives, Duchess Farms...I'm sure there was something else. Oh yes! SUNDAY BUNDAY. Who fancies some MMB cinnamon buns? (about blimmin time I hear you say). We are getting feedback on the idea of opening MMB up on a Sunday with an abundance of buns up for grabs. We are running a poll on Instagram but if you're not on IG and would like to let me know whether this floats your boat or not then please get in touch. Whilst coming out of lockdown it's been very hard to know what the demand is for our products so we welcome your feedback. The first date we are proposing for Sunday Bunday is Sunday 15th July. We understand this won't be possible for everyone but, as with the bread, we are taking things one step at a time and then trying to make them accessible to more customers as we grow in confidence.

As for this week, we are offering pre-orders of Walden Whites to collect on Thursday between 11am and 3pm (email to confirm your order), walk ups for Walden Whites and Rugbrøds on Friday from 11am. And then Saturday sees the return of Chocolate Sourdough. We will also repeat our Heritage Grains & Malted Wheat tinned loaves as these were a hit last week and, as usual, we will have Walden Whites, Super Sours and Rugbrøds on offer. So lots to choose from.

And the possibility of buns in the not too distant future. Things are looking up.

Have a good week everyone.

Megan x