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MMB: Stout & Stilton Sourdough - a local collaboration

14th October 2019


We've had an amazing couple of weeks at MMB. I remember someone telling me months ago that in the winter we'd get really busy. I feared they'd be wrong because, really, who wants to venture out into the cold and rain to get a loaf of bread? Well it seems you lot do! I suppose when we entice you with loaves such as last week's Bloody Mary Sourdough, which seems to have gone down a storm, it is understandable. But we certainly do not take your efforts and patience for granted. We are continually grateful. And in return we will continue to do our best to keep new loaves appearing on the shelves for you to try alongside some of the well-loved classics. In fact I started having a play today with an idea for a new, autumnal loaf which I think could be pretty delicious. Watch this space.

Before I forget, a couple of very quick housekeeping notes. Firstly, some of you will have noticed that we now have a handful of Walden Whites available on a Wednesday. We are in the shop anyway baking for wholesale orders and so we are trying to slowly increase our numbers so we can include a few loaves for the shelves. Which seems to be going down well. So if you're in town on a Wednesday and in need of sourdough it's worth popping by just in case.

Secondly, please note that we will be closed for the Half Term week. Our last retail day will be Saturday 26th October and we will then open again on Wednesday 6th November with a handful of Walden Whites prior to our usual opening Thursday - Saturday.

Back to this week. I am, at last, pleased to let you know that we will have the Stout & Stilton Sourdough on offer that I have been teasing you with for weeks. This loaf is a collaboration with the guys up at Wylde Sky Brewing in Linton. If you're not familiar with Wylde Sky, do head over to their website here and have a read all about them. Born in September 2018, a love of good beer has led to their hugely successful Brewery and Taproom. Their beers are popping up at more and more locations and events and they also open up their brewery every week where you can go and sample their beers in good company whilst enjoying live music and food from local food vans. In fact this coming Saturday they've got a Double Bill of local vocal duo SAND (featuring our very own, multi-talented Sally) and DJing Trio Freewheelers. 

So as another local, foodie, independent business you can see why we've been keen to team up with them. And our Stout & Stilton Sourdough is the result. It's blimmin delicious. The two flavours work so well alongside each other and it's hard not to scoff your way through a whole loaf in one sitting. I think you're going to love it.

But if you beg to differ, do not fear. We are bringing back the Chocolate & Cranberry Sourdough as our other special this week. A comforting, chocolate, cranberry creation that never fails to disappoint. Especially if topped with a generous layer of Bungay Butter. 

These two loaves will be available on Friday and Saturday. On Thursday we will have our Walden Whites, Super Sours and the Seeded Walden Worthy for a granary-style fix. They  will be available on Friday and Saturday in addition to our specials and on Saturday we will add two choices of Tinned Sourdoughs to choose from and plenty of Rugbrød. And yes, Cinnamon Buns are back! We will be baking these on all three days alongside our Cookies so do keep an eye (nose) out for them. They didn't even make it onto the counter last week (I'm sorry - as with bread we we can't take reservations for the cookies or buns).

And I think that's it. We better get baking. See you very soon.


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