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MMB: Soil to Sourdough Crowdfunder

4th June 2020

I'm writing to you with an idea. A proposal. A dream. All of which will be fun whilst also being very significant and relevant; the MMB: Soil to Sourdough project.

For those of you that don't follow me on Instagram/Facebook, I have recently become a bit enamoured with a heritage grain flour that is grown just half an hour away from here at Duchess Farms in Sawbridgeworth. And during the recent surge in home-baking the awareness of the work going on at Duchess Farms has grown and the demand for their flour has surged. As a result they have launched their own crowdfunding project in order to more easily meet this demand.

Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking for small contributions from a large number of people. Often in return for their pledge contributors are given rewards. And one of the rewards Duchess Farms is offering... is a field. A field of your own grain, grown and milled right there on the farm down the road and then delivered to the recipient ready to get baking with. A tonne of it to be precise.

And I want US to get a field. Not just me. Not just myself and Jeff. I'm including you. Because I want us all to have a piece of it. I want as many of us as possible to join in on the journey of seeing our grain grow locally, seeing it being milled locally and then reaping the rewards at the end with sourdough baked by us at MMB, using the flour we've grown, for you to enjoy.

So we have decided to crowdfund a crowdfund, if you like. We want to raise the finance to secure our very own field of grain. And you can become part of the project for just £10.

If this piques your interest, and I really hope it does, then please click on the link here where you can read more about the project and the rewards that MMB and Duchess Farms have compiled for those wanting to get involved.

It's a win, win for everyone that pledges so please do click through and read more about our MMB: Soil to Sourdough project. We are really hoping we get lots of you involved and taking part. (If you're not entirely clued up on what crowdfunding is you can find some background reading here.)

And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me either via social media, the crowdfunding page or by email at

Megan x

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