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Hope you're all having a lovely, sunny week. It makes such a difference doesn't it? That and the sight of shops being open. It seems so odd though. And luxurious! I'm keeping my distance from any retail temptations because I fear I might go a bit crazy with all the excuses under the sun about having not spent anything over the last year (a lie) and therefore I am fully justified to buy this whole new wardrobe of frocks. ('Frocks'? What a farce I've spent the last year in quite the opposite of a 'frock'. Imagine the loosest, most baggy, dustbin-bag related attire you can and there you have 99% of my lockdown apparel. Anything with a waistband, let alone a flesh-baring component brings on convulsions. Quelle Horreur!). Best to just keep clear, me thinks.

Not a huge amount to report from MMB this week other than a reminder that we are now open Wednesdays through to Saturdays. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we open at 9am with buns coming out from 10am onwards. On a Saturday everything is baked and ready to go from 10am.

For April our bun special sees the return of Cardamom Buns (available on Fridays and Saturday alongside the regular Cinnamon Buns). Sally has upped the ante even further and is now producing more buns than ever so we can try and keep you all bun-happy. Oh and don't forget Cheese & Oregano Buns come out on a Friday at lunchtime-ish.

Our sourdough special this month is Fennel & Raisin, which is available on Fridays and Saturdays until the end of the month. If you're a cheese fan I urge you to try some of our Neal's Yard Dairy cheese with this loaf; they work beautifully together.

Talking of cheese, we currently have a Westcombe Cheddar, Sir Lancelot (a raw, sheep's milk cheese - smooth, spreadable, delicious), Appleby's Cheshire and Stichelton. We've also taken a delivery of fresh Bungay Butter and Baron Bigod cheese from Fen Farm Dairy and as a special treat we've managed to get a small number of their Truffled Baron Bigods. We decided once a year was not often enough to have these available...surely a Brie-style cheese split in half and filled with raw milk mascarpone and black truffles should be enjoyed year-round? Indulgent (but not frock-sympathetic, apparently).

Quick reminder that we still have our offer on with the guys at Plumen for those of you that have been admiring our Plumen bulbs at MMB. If you use the code MMB20 on their website you'll get 20% off all Plumen items (excluding third party products). And if you need an excuse to splurge, follow my example and just tell your other half/flatmate etc that you're actually saving money because the literal beauty of the Plumen bulb means there is no requirement for a lampshade. Win win.

And finally, before I sign off, for those of you that are one of our Soil to Sourdough pledgers, do keep an eye out for an update very shortly. At last I am able to finalise a couple of dates for a visit to Duchess Farms so you can see where we are at with our grains and learn all about the brilliant work the DF team are doing in Sawbridgeworth.

See you soon,


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