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MMB: Fermenting Flavours & Sourdough Stock Up

21st October 2019


Here we are, Monday again. I hope you all had a lovely weekend? We were delighted that the Wylde Sky & Stilton went down so well with you all last week. We had many discussions with various customers about how best to eat it; toasted, plain, with more stilton, with stew, with soup... but I think the general consensus was that it was so good it really didn't need anything with it and it was best scoffed eaten on it's own. Adding a beer to a sourdough certainly does result in some challenges during production stages. It's yet another example of how we are continually learning in this job. I really don't think we will ever stop learning, partly because we are not formally trained bakers and therefore every loaf we make is mastered based on trial, error and experience. And then when you add an unusual ingredient into the mix, especially one that is naturally fermented in its own right, we have to learn all over again. But that's what makes it interesting. As a relative once said to me 'wouldn't the world be a boring place if we were all the same?' and I think the same goes for bread. Why keep things simple when you can mix things up and have a multitude of flavours and experiences, even if it does mean a few hiccups along the way?

It was nice to see some of you in on Wednesday for our White Wednesdays. We will continue to offer a few Walden Whites on Wednesdays (how many times can I use aliteration in one sentence?) for those of you unable to get to us later in the week. As usual Thursday will be our more civilised day with Walden Whites, Super Sours and some Wholewheat & Ryes to choose from before we ramp things up with our specials on Friday and Saturday. 

Do remember that this is our last week in the shop before we close for a week to spend some time with our families. So make sure you stock up to see you through until Wednesday 6th November.

And on offer to keep you stocked up we will have our Olive Sourdough as a special on Friday and Saturday. We've sourced some olives from London which we have been soaking in lots of herbs and olive oil over the last few weeks so they will be full of flavour. We will be adding some of this olive oil into the dough which gives the bread a bit of a creamy texture as well as getting some of those herbs into the mix. Delicious. And then our small special will be Fig & Walnut, which I know is becoming a favourite amongst many of you. We will have Wholewheat & Rye in both small and large sizes and on Saturday a handful of Tinned Sourdough and Rugbrøds. And yes, cinnamon buns will be on the counter at various times between Thursday and Saturday along with our cookies.

And that's it. Then we will be asleep for at least 72 hours recovering from what has been a brilliant few weeks. And on our return it will be all systems go in the lead up to Christmas. We have some lovely ideas planned for you including some gifts to fill up stockings and an opportunity to pre order your sourdough ready for the big day. But enough of that for now. All in good time...

See you later on in the week.


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