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MMB: Cheesy Ramblings and Super Sour Supplies

16th September 2019


This gorgeous photo was taken by one of our regulars, Sally from The Arty Cake (if you need a cake for a special occasion I urge you to look up The Arty Cake. Sally uses her art background to inspire unique, bespoke cakes that really do stand out from the crowd). It seems Sally couldn't resist taking Jeff's advice to bake a camembert to serve with one of our Spelt & Toasted Walnut Sourdough loaves last week, and when this popped up on Instagram we were instantly envious that we hadn't taken our own advice. It did, however, inspire us to come up with a plan for the next time we do a similarly rustic loaf as a special. We are going to order in some of the beautiful Baron Bigod cheese from our friends at Fen Farm Dairy (producers of the Bungay Butter we sell) for you to take home to enjoy alongside your sourdough. What do you think? Would that float your boat? If so, watch this space - we will let you know when it's coming up.

I hope our new opening days and times worked well for you all last week. We had lots of positive comments about Fridays being useful and the later 10am start working for those of you that aren't quite such early risers. But has it put any of you off? As always MMB is just as much about all of you as it is us and we always want to do what we can to keep as many of you as happy as possible (without having to sleep under the counter in order to provide around the clock bread).

And with keeping as many of you as happy as possible in mind....last week we had lots of requests for a cheese themed loaf. And the most popular request was the Cheese & Marmite Sourdough. So your wish is our command and that is what our special will be this week, available on Friday & Saturday. On Thursday, alongside our Walden Whites, we will be offering a granary style loaf - a wholemeal sourdough filled with seeds. Let's call it a Seeded Worthy shall we? And as requested we are also going to start offering a handful of Super Sours during the week.

For those of you that don't know, our Super Sour loaves get an additional 24 hours of fermentation time. This not only gives a deeper, slightly more sour flavour but it also breaks down the gluten further which can be beneficial to those of you that struggle to digest bread. Did you know that a lot of commercial bread is made and baked, start to finish, in under two hours? The poor gluten doesn't stand a chance and it's no wonder that so many people struggle to digest it as a result. And they conclude that this must mean they have a gluten intolerance when in fact, for many, it's just that the gluten hasn't been treated with any respect! All of our sourdough takes at least 3 days from start to finish to make and the Super Sours take 4 days. I know many of you have been able to start eating bread again with this knowledge in mind, which is fabulous, and I urge any of you that struggle with commercial bread, or even our 3 day sourdough, to give a Super Sour a try. It may just be the bread you've been longing for (I should stress that, sadly, our sourdough is not suitable for coeliacs. We get a lot of requests for gluten free bread but, at the moment, we simply can't produce this in our current premises alongside our usual sourdough).

So, a nice selection to look forward to. Oh and of course our sourdough cookies will be available on Friday and Saturday - I haven't decided on whether they'll be pecan based or back to the caramelised sourdough crumbs addition. Or both maybe? DECISIONS. It's a hard life.

See you soon.


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