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MMB: Cheese Tastings & Alternative Microphones

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

2nd December 2019


I hope you've all had a good week and you are now well and truly getting into the festive spirit. Jeff hasn't got a leg to stand on when it comes to the choice of music in the shop. Micahel Bublé, Mariah Carey, Band Aid (original version, no other) and of course a bit of Cliff are accompanying our mixing, stretching, folding and baking and honestly, I really think he loves it. Deep down. Deep, deep down. I'm sure I even caught him using one of our butter spreaders as a microphone the other day whilst 'Last Christmas' by Wham! was ringing out. His inner George was really getting into the spirit of Christmas. Not to mention his Christmas jumper that I know he's got down from the loft and is giving a good airing as we speak. Feel free to add to his Christmas cheer next time you pop by - suggest a festive sing-a-long, offer up your favourite Christmas cracker joke from last year or if you're feeling extra seasonal feel free to whip out your branch of mistletoe. He goes crazy for all the traditions. Honest.

Talking of butter spreaders (in their traditional butter-spreading sense, not in the microphone sense), both these and our Robert Welch knives have been very popular over the last week or so. We've ordered in more of both but this will be the last order we can place before Christmas so if you are eyeing either up for a stocking filler then do come in sooner rather than later. And as I pointed out on social media this morning our price for the Robert Welch bread knives are very competitive. In fact we can't find them cheaper anywhere else, including John - never knowingly undersold - Lewis. So if you're thinking of going down the bread knife route then please do support local if you can. It'll make a certain redheaded baker very happy.

This week we've got our cheese tasting taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So if you're thinking of giving either the Baron Bigod or the Truffled Baron a go this Christmas then now's your chance to 'try before you buy'. These cheeses will only be available to pre-order for collection on Christmas Eve (to save us having £100s worth of cheese leftover in our fridges come Christmas Day - although to be fair I reckon we could make some pretty good inroads into any leftovers, especially if my Dad is involved). But no, pre-orders only please, which need to be with us by Friday 13th December. Order forms can be collected from the shop or are available to download from the website here.

We also have Gabby from Shop at Seed Ceramics joining us on Thursday with a selection of her ceramics available to buy. She will be offering free gift-wrapping on any purchases and will also be available to take commissions in time for Christmas. 

And then of course there's the sourdough. We have a new special on offer this week on Friday and Saturday, Fennel & Raisin Sourdough. We can't wait for you to try this one. I love fennel, and it goes beautifully with sourdough. It's not an overpowering flavour, just enough to compliment any antipasto. And then we add a small handful of juicy raisins. Not so many to make this a sweet bread - this is no pudding. More just a dash of sweetness to compliment the fennel and sour flavours every now and then. 

And our brown special will be Wholemeal Spelt, available on all three days. It's a light loaf, not dense, but using organic wholemeal spelt flour mixed with our organic white from Shipton Mill. We may even throw in some soaked grains - I'm undecided. Either way, it'll be full of flavour. And of course we will have our usual selection of other loaves including Rugbrøds (Friday and Saturday) and Super Sours (all three days). And Cardamon Buns. They went down well last week! I'm not surprised - they really are very good. Clever Sally. And there'll be Cinnamon Buns. And Cookies. So much deliciousness to choose from.

We have a busy week ahead as I'm sure you all do too. Keep calm, carry on and if it all gets a bit too much just take a moment to imagine Jeff in his Christmas jumper signing along to Cliff using a butter spreader as a microphone. 

See you soon,



Thursday 5th December

Shopping day at MMB with gift wrapping

Shop at Seed Ceramics commissions being taken in the shop

Tastings of Baron Bigod and Truffled Baron

Friday 6th December

Tastings of Baron Bigod and Truffled Baron

Saturday 7th December

11.30-12.30pm Tastings of Baron Bigod and Truffled Baron

Thursday 12th December

Shopping day at MMB with gift wrapping

Friday 13th December

Deadline for pre-orders for collection on Christmas Eve

Saturday 21st December

10-4pm Shopping day at MMB with gift wrapping

Tuesday 24th December

10am - 1pm Collections for pre-orders and hampers

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