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MINI MISS BREAD w/c 5th August


I'm sure most of you, by now, will have heard of the break in we had at the start of last week. It seems a few businesses were targeted on the same night. It's a sad state of affairs and was a bit of a shock, but we are lucky that the culprits didn't get away with more and, being a card only business, they did not find any cash on the premises. So we are focussing on the positives and moving onwards and upwards. We are incredibly touched and grateful for all the messages of support we have received since the event, both online and in person. A brilliant example of how communities come together in such situations.

This is our final week of baking before we take a break for a couple of weeks so we are treating you with a double whammy of specials and bringing back our two best sellers since opening - the Chocolate Sourdough and our Cheese & Marmite Sourdough. Both will be available on Thursday and Saturday. Tomorrow we are keeping things simple with Walden Whites and Wholewheat & Ryes.

We were pleased that so many of you were keen to try our tweaked Seeded Tins on Saturday. They sold very quickly and we'd love to know what you thought of them. We will do them again on Saturday if feedback is positive. And our sourdough cookies will be back, but with a twist... they'll be a take on what I believe to be one of THE best flavour combinations of all time.

And finally, we are offering a 20% discount this week only on all large Bungay Butters. These are usually £5 a tub but you can give this award-winning butter a try for just £4 if you pop in this week. So now's your chance to stock up if you're a Bungay Butter regular (it freezes brilliantly) or try it for the first time if you've been waiting for an excuse to indulge. You can read more about this delectable raw, unpasteurised butter on the Fen Farm Dairy website here. Do come in for a sample if you haven't tried it before, but I can't promise you won't be hooked - once you've Bungay'ed there's no going back!

Have a good week.


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