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MINI MISS BREAD w/c 26th August


How is everyone? Have you had a good couple of weeks? We've returned from a lovely break in Paris to 'the hottest August Bank Holiday on record'. It's been a scorcher hasn't it? But we were prepared this time. We were in the shop doing our first production day today since our break and after the last heatwave we made some tweaks which seemed to have calmed the dough down a bit and I have less fear about tomorrow's bread. I'm feeling positive (famous last words).

And we are feeling positive about being back and getting back on the sourdough wagon! Having some time off has given us opportunity to start exploring our future plans and aspirations and we our excited about how things will pan out now that we have the first few months in the shop under our belts. One imminent change we have decided to make is a tweak to our opening days/hours. This is as a result of how the various demands for our bread have changed since we opened, the break in (which obviously makes one a tad more nervous about early starts as the dark mornings begin to creep in) and the shopping habits and preferences of our most dedicated customers - that's you! So from w/c 9th September we are going to trial no longer opening on Tuesdays and instead we will be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am on each day.

We will keep putting reminders out via newsletters, social media and in person at the shop to avoid any disappointed Tuesday customers. We hope this is a positive change for you as well as for us. This week and next it's same old - Tuesday from 9.30am, Thursday from 9.30am and Saturday from 9am, and then it'll be all systems go on our new opening times w/c 9th September.

Back to this week. Whilst in Paris we obviously, in the name of research, had to trial out numerous boulangeries and patisseries. And wow, they know what they're doing over there! But for all of the choux pastries, macarons, crème brûlées and cinnamon buns we sampled (if you're visiting anytime soon head to Circus Bakery, their cinnamon buns are to die for) the pièce de résistance was a Pain de Noisette. And therefore on Thursday and Saturday our special this week will be our take on this beautiful loaf, Hazelnut & Fig Sourdough. It's such a versatile loaf - slice it thinly, toast and have it with cheese or slice it thickly and slather it with Bungay Butter and a compote. You can go savoury or sweet, either way you'll enjoy it all the more for toasting as it brings out the flavour of the toasted hazelnuts and caramelises the dried figs a little. ENJOY.

And because we love you we will also be doing a batch of Double Cheese loaves too. Because there is always a place for extra cheese. These will be available on Thursday and Saturday alongside our other regulars - Wholewheat & Rye (some seeded) and our classic Walden Whites and on Saturday we will also have Rugbrøds and Tins (White & Wild), and of course a stack of Sourdough Cookies.

So there we go. We are back. We are raring to go. And can't wait to see you all again.

See you very soon.


P.S Don't forget from w/c 9th September we will be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am.

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