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I Feel Like A Mole

(Any excuse for a mole picture)

Yep, it's true. A mole. This week has been somewhat of a revelation as I've snuffled my way out of the darkness of full lockdown and winced at the light that is ahead (why didn't I think of moles when I was home-schooling and our youngest needed to find metaphors? I reckon there's a place for many a mole metaphor in Yr 4 English). Now I'm not saying I've been fast asleep for months but I do feel like I've been in another place both mentally and emotionally and this week has felt euphoric as I remember that there is a far more interesting, fun and adventurous life to be had when not locked down with subordinate conjunctions and algebra.

Of course we are all still very much having to be extremely careful and considered but for those of us with school-aged children it does feel like a faint memory of life before the crazy is becoming clearer. And for me that mostly consists of my ability to properly focus on and engage with MMB without being asked for snacks every ten minutes, times table help ("7 x 8? ask your sister". I'm only any good at the 9 times table where I can use that clever trick you can do behind your back with your fingers). Oh and look it's lunchtime already. "What's that? You want 'something different for a change' you say? Bad luck (I've lost all ability to be creative when it comes to day 5026 of home-school lunches). Cheese wraps, crisps and cherry tomatoes it is again. Enjoy".

And yet now, at last, I can revert to eating 'lunch' out of a cereal box in front of my laptop having already completed 3 hours of admin without interruption. I think I've done more work this week than I've done in the last year and it's an INCREDIBLE feeling.

[Disclaimer: I love my children. Please don't judge me. I look forward to them coming home from school. I really do - until they ask for a snack. I'm just really enjoying being 'me' again and not Mummy 24/7 whilst also trying to keep a business up and running from home].

So with this newly rediscovered energy and focus I wanted to update you a few things MMB related.

New Opening Times

As of this week we are pleased to finally return to pre-lockdown opening hours. We are now open from 9am Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and from 10am on Saturday. We are starting to increase our quantity of bread each day and this week, as a result, we've still had loaves on the shelves in the afternoon so it's worth noting that hopefully moving forward you won't always need to be in the queue before we open in order to bag a loaf. Someone is usually in the shop until at least 4pm during the week and 1pm on a Saturday. And if you do miss out on bread don't forget we are always stocked with some other lovely foodie bits and pieces including Neal's Yard Dairy cheese, Cobble Lane Cured meats, The Modern Table jams and granola, Wood Street Coffee, Cacklebean Eggs, Pump Street Chocolate, Bungay Butter, Skyr yoghurt...

Fancy Joining Team MMB?

We feel very fortunate that having made it through a tough 2020 we are now able to start the search for a new team member. Initially the full time role will support Jeff in the daily production of sourdough and then once established there is opportunity to build on the role introducing and leading on new MMB produce. It's a fantastic opportunity to really get involved at the core of our business, make your mark and hone your sourdough skills on a production scale.

Further details can be found on our website here. Do note that although we are advertising the post as full-time there is possible scope for part time/job share for the right candidate/s. Equally you do not need to be an expert baker to apply. Passion, drive and a can-do attitude are far more important. And a cheery nature.

The closing date for applications is Friday 19th March at 5pm and we plan to contact shortlisted candidates w/c 22nd March to arrange for them to come in for a chat and to meet the team.

Social Distancing

Despite all my cheer and optimism for the rest of 2021 we do ask that you continue to observe social distancing in the queue, making sure there is 2 metres between yourself and the person in front of you at all times. Please do make sure you sanitise on your way in, wear a mask and it is still a case of one in, one out please (unless you belong to the same family/bubble). By us all observing these rules MMB can remain open. And we really want to stay open!

Specials & Buns

And finally a quick update on sourdough specials. We have decided to switch our specials on a monthly basis rather than weekly so that everyone gets the opportunity to try each one, or have it more than once, before it disappears again for a few weeks. This month, and therefore until the end of March, our special is Cheese, Chilli & Jalapeño. The specials will be available on Fridays and Saturdays.

And with the return of Super Sally I am happy to confirm that buns will be making a regular appearance again on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from next week onwards. Woohoo!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Megan x

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