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Here's what we're thinking today...but it'll probably change tomorrow!

16th March 2020


I had, for once, planned well in advance what I was going to write about in my newsletter this week. Typical, therefore, that the coronavirus had other ideas. Some matters take priority, others need to be put on hold.

We have been keeping a close eye on both the news and other, similar small businesses to gauge the best steps we should take in order to keep ourselves and our customers safe. For now we plan to remain open until a time when the advice suggests otherwise. However, we will be making some changes in order to keep our customers and ourselves as safe as possible: - As a food business we already have high levels of hygiene and cleaning in place but please be reassured that these have been increased to include more regular hand washing and cleaning of all areas, especially regularly touched objects and surfaces.

- We are already a card only business but ask that ALL payments are made using the contactless method if at all possible to reduce the use of the pin pad.

- We will ask that only MMB staff touch the bread

- We will be removing the gift/accessory items from the front of the shop to remove the risk of contamination.

- And most importantly, to support social distancing, we will insist on a one in, one out system for customers coming into the shop. We advise against queuing. . We will keep you updated with any further changes that become necessary and we are already working through plans to continue to supply you with sourdough as and when it becomes necessary to close MMB at 2a.

In the meantime thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support and we will continue to bake bread, buns and cookies for you for as long as we safely can.

This Week's Sourdough

We feel that comfort food is the way forward this week and, really, Double Cheese is the obvious choice for our special. We will have this available on Friday and Saturday.

Our brown sourdough will be the Seeded Wholewheat & Rye available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday along with Walden Whites and Super Sours. We will also endeavour to have tinned sourdoughs on offer on all three days as these are super useful for slicing and storing in the freezer for future use.

Rugbrøds will be available as soon as they've been baked on Thursday morning. Again, another excellent loaf for freezing although they keep remarkably well for around a week.

We've decided to continue making buns because we all need a bun or two in our lives right now, together with cookies.

This all may become redundant if advice changes but this is the plan for now. If there is a change between now and Thursday we will let you know.

Keep safe people.


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