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Hello from MMB!

10th August 2020


Monday morning (although it may well be afternoon by the time I've finished editing this and got it through to your inboxes) and I'm sitting in the garden before it gets too hot, sipping an iced latte and feeling pretty positive about all things MMB. Like all of us I have good weeks and bad weeks, but I think having managed to herd our girls into summer camp for a couple of weeks has certainly helped me switch from firefighting to managing. Which means this should be a more thorough and to the point catch up! So let's crack on.

First things first, this week's offerings at MMB. Let's break this down:


A handful of Walden Whites for passers by.


Pre-orders only. Email me by 5pm on Wednesday to pre-order Walden Whites, Heritage Grain Tins or one of a limited number of Babkas (first come, first served - cinnamon or chocolate). Collection between 11am and 3pm on Thursday.


Walk ups only including Walden Whites, Heritage Grain Tins and Rugbrød. We will have a limited number of Cinnamon Babkas and Chocolate Babkas available on a first come, first served basis. These will NOT be available to pre-order this week on Friday.


All of the above plus this week's special which will be Spelt & Cranberry. Such a nice loaf, especially with cheese.


And then Sunday Bunday is back! I will be down at the shop baking the bun beauties ready for you from 11am. And if I'm organised I'll offer coffee too. I know, I spoil you.

We've got another order of Iced Lattes from The Estate Dairy arriving this week so they'll be available from Wednesday onwards to keep you refreshed as there seems to be no sign of this heatwave easing anytime soon.

MMB: Soil to Sourdough

Those of you that pledged for our Soil to Sourdough project should have by now received the first of our updates. If you pledged but haven't received the email do let me know as there were some teething issues with some people donating rather than pledging by mistake, resulting in me not getting their email addresses. I can easily amend this at my end so just let me know if nothing has appeared.

Sourdough Inspiration

I'm really excited to be featured in the new 'Sourdough Inspiration' series by Vanessa Kimbell at The Sourdough School this month. Vanessa has commissioned Telegraph food writer Xanthe Clay to write a series on 'bakers making positive change in the world through their sourdough'. Our Soil to Sourdough project caught Vanessa's eye and she kindly asked for me to spill the beans on the project and all things MMB to Xanthe. You can read the article here and I'll be chatting further to Vanessa on Instagram Live tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm on the Sourdough Club page (@sourdoughclub). It'll also be on IGTV afterewards if you don't manage to catch it live.

I took a sourdough course with Vanessa back in 2017. That became the start of the MMB journey and I am incredibly honoured that she is now asking me to return to speak to her about what's happened since then.

And to celebrate Vanessa has kindly offered MMB subscribers a brilliant discount for those of you interested in joining the Club. If you took up sourdough baking during lockdown or you've always been interested but you've never really mastered it I'd urge you to join. There are not just lots of delicious recipes but it's a real community of support, Vanessa is on hand to answer all your sourdough questions (far better than I can!) and there are a number of high quality online video tutorials. I still refer back to the club regularly for inspiration and advice. There's no other club like it.

If you want a piece of the action then you have just 48 hours to secure yourself an MMB code that will entitle you to a very generous 75% off the £99 joining fee. It is then just £9.99 per month thereafter. You need to email by midday on Wednesday stating you'd like the MMB code using 'MMB Membership Offer' in the subject line. She will then send you a code to use to sign up online.

Ok. Enough from me. As predicted I am now indoors with all windows and doors closed in an attempt to cool down. It's not working. Time for another iced latte sat in front of a large fan, feet in a bucket of water, trying to pretend I'm actually catching a sea breeze somewhere exotic .

Megan x

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