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Christmas orders and openings


Right, this time you're getting the full shebang. Because it's an important one. Christmas. And this isn't me just banging on about how much I love Christmas and that I will find any excuse to play all the Christmas tunes in the shop and god forbid you say anything negative about said tunes... No, I need to update you on your Christmas produce availability, deadlines and MMB openings in the lead up to the big day. So here we go.

Bread. We will be baking Walden Whites loaves, Rugbrød, Heritage Grain & Malted Wheat Flake loaves and, our seasonal special, Tinned Rosinbrød. This is a beautiful, festive spiced fruit loaf filled sultanas and a decadent butter paste containing cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. It's baked in a tin so it's perfect for slicing and toasting which is when this loaf comes into its own, loaded with lots of Bungay Butter. OR maybe even a little bit of blue cheese if you like the sweet and salty hit.

All bread is available to pre-order ready for collection on either Wednesday 23rd December or Thursday 24th December between 9am and 1pm. The list of everything available is on the website and you can place your order via the Contact Form. All orders will need to be placed by 5pm on Friday 18th December and payment for orders will be taken upon collection.

There is still time to order produce from Fen Farm Dairy for Christmas, including THAT Truffle Baron Bigod. We also plan to make sure we have extra cheese, cured meats, dairy and sweet treats available to buy ad hoc when you collect so no need to order these items in advance.

So that's Christmas sorted. I think. Back to the here and now. The produce list for next Tuesday orders is live on the website here. Usual Tuesday bread offering, plus Cinnamon Buns, Cookie Dough, Cheese & Meats and a new Christmas Blend from Wood Street Coffee, of which one of the tasting notes is 'Sibling Rivalry'! Make of that what you will. Tuesday orders will be available to collect from MMB between 9am and 1pm. Just make sure you order by 5pm on Sunday.

And I think that's it. So actually, that wasn't as lengthy as I thought it would be. Quick dates recap:

Sunday 6th December, 5pm: Tuesday orders deadline

Wednesday 9th December, 5pm: Friday orders deadline (produce list will go live on Monday)

Friday 11th December, 5pm: Final orders for Christmas Fen Farm Dairy cheese/butter

Friday 18th December, 5pm: Final orders for Christmas sourdough / Neal's Yard Dairy & Fen Farm Dairy orders available to collect

Wednesday 23rd December, 9am - 1pm: All Christmas orders available to collect

Thursday 24th December, 9am - 1pm: All Christmas orders available to collect

And then we will all breathe a huge sigh of relief that we made it to the conclusion of 2020, hopeful that 2021 will be a brighter, more hug-full year.

Megan x

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