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Bloody Marys & Sunday Bunday (sounds like a U2 song)

21st July 2020


Here we are again, week 25746 of this crazy new world we now all live in. I think it's started to dawn on me that the 'normal' we've all been talking about returning to ain't coming anytime soon is it? Nor is 'the new normal' that we talk about. More like 'the new abnormal'. Because if you take a step back and look at how we now must appear to a fly on the wall, doing little pavement dances as we walk past each other to ensure we are keeping our safe distances, donning ever more bold and colourful face masks when we go shopping and conversations largely centred around how it may now feel to actually sit in a pub, it's all a bit bonkers isn't it? You do have to pinch yourself every now and then to remind yourself how life was this time last year, and how oblivious we were to what was just around the corner. Funny old, abnormal, times.

Photo credit: Frances Moxham

Last week was fun. Our children were in school for the week so it gave me a chance to work at the shop and see some familiar faces that I haven't seen since the start of lockdown. Some of you were lucky enough to pick up one of our new babkas (think large cinnamon or chocolate bun in a tin). This is something we've wanted to offer for a long time but life before

lockdown wasn't allowing us any spare time to develop them.

So one benefit of this 'new abnormal' is that we've finally cracked babkas. My hope is that soon we will be able to offer these for pre-order as an alternative for those of you that can't get down for buns. I'll keep you posted on when these will be available.

It was also nice to see a number of you give the Estate Dairy produce a try. I'd love to know what you thought of it as I try to decide whether to make it a regular provision. Would you like the opportunity to buy their produce each week? Which was your favourite item? Which would you not buy again, or maybe only occasionally? Or was it all just a one-off, nice to try but you can't seeing yourself buying it again? Do let me know.

Let's move on to this week's line up.

Wednesday: we have managed to start having a few Walden Whites up for grabs if you're walking by on a Wednesday. Not a huge amount as wholesale is (thankfully) starting to pick up so we have limited capacity for how much we can make. So earlier is better on a Wednesday. Open from 11am.

Thursday: Collection of pre-orders ONLY on a Thursday. It is rare we have any spares so if you want a loaf on a Thursday, please make sure you've ordered it in advance. Again, we will have both Walden Whites and a limited number of the Heritage Grains & Malted Wheat Flake Tins to pre-order. Please email me by 5pm on Wednesday at if you'd like to place an order for collection between 11am and 3pm on Thursday (the Heritage Tins will be allocated on a first come, first served basis).

Friday: Walk ups welcome! We will have Walden Whites and Rugbrøds available from 11am.

Saturday: I know a number of you will be happy to hear that we will have Bloody Mary as the Saturday special. For those of you that haven't tried this special before, we replace 50% of the water with passata, add sun-dried tomatoes to the mix and a generous dash (is that a thing? Can you have a dash that is generous? Maybe not. Let's go with a glug. Not a generous glug, that'd be too much. Just a glug) of tabasco. It's really good. The perfect base for scrambled eggs on a Sunday morning or melted cheddar at lunchtime. Plus of course Walden Whites, the Heritage Tin, Super Sours and Rugbrøds. Open from 11am.

And then Sunday Bunday is back! This Sunday. After the success of the first Sunday Bunday we have decided to repeat the Bundays fortnightly for the foreseeable (with the exception of Sunday 9th August). Super Sally is going to try to produce even more buns in the hope everyone that wants buns, gets buns. We will have both cinnamon and cardamon buns this time round. We'll open the door at 11am but to guarantee getting your mitts on Sally's buns (snigger), I suggest you arrive a bit earlier.

Right. Must dash. Have a good week everyone!

Megan x

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