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A more civilised update for you this week!

2nd March 2020



And here we are in March. At least today has been Spring-like in weather. Much deserved I think after the last few days (weeks?) of pretty atrocious weather. I was touched and mightily surprised when we opened the door of the shop on Saturday morning to find a number of the more hardy of you queuing up for your bread, despite the shocking weather. I was fully expecting to open the door, full of anticipation having just about got all the shelves filled and buns baked, to tumbleweed and no customers in sight. Which would have been understandable. So thank you to those of you that braved it - I hope the spoils you came away with made your soggy efforts worthwhile.

A number of you seemed concerned that there was no sign of Jeff on Saturday. I think poor Fran, who had kindly stepped in to cover, felt a bit paranoid when a number of you asked if and when Jeff would be back. Fran did an amazing job but I can confirm Jeff had not done a runner (not that I'd have blamed him) and will be back in position this week. MMB wouldn't be the same without him! Thank you Fran for temporarily stepping into the role and taking on the Saturday morning onslaught so calmly. Duck to water and all that...

This Week's Sourdough

I think it's about time we did a week of Cheese & Marmite Sourdough, don't you? I feel a bit of comfort bread is deserved and it's been a good few months since we last did it. So bring it on. Coming your way on Friday and Saturday.

Our brown sourdough will be the Seeded Walden Worthy, available Thursday through to Saturday. This is the wholemeal, granary style sourdough. We will have Super Sours and Walden Whites Thursday through to Saturday and Rugbrøds and Tinned Whites will be on offer on Friday and Saturday.

Buns this week will be the classic Cinnamon Buns and Cardamom Buns. No Speculoos Buns this time (are you enjoying them by the way?) We have a couple of new bun ideas in 'development this space.

Have a good week.


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