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MMB w/c 28th September


First things first, if you simply want to find out what's on offer in terms of bread this week then head straight to the bottom of this page. But I warn will be missing out.

This time last week I was writing about basking in my parents' garden. This week, well the weather has certainly turned a bit hasn't it. Brr. That combined with depressing news headlines makes you just want to hunker down, hibernate and reappear in six months time to a hopefully much brighter, more positive 2021. In fact this also explains why my Monday blog is actually landing on a Tuesday. I just wasn't in the 'zone'. And what no one needs right now is a moany Megan. But today, I am feeling brighter. Even if the weather isn't. And I'm focussing on the exciting things that are happening at MMB this week and in the coming weeks. Because they are positives that I hope will bring smiles to familiar faces. That's the best we can do right now. Focus on the smiles and the laughter.

You'll remember last week I mentioned that I was working with Audley End Kitchen Gardens to try to secure some produce to sell at the shop. Well the good news I've dotted the Is and crossed the Ts and we are now all systems go. So this week I am very happy to be able to offer you the following:

Jaune de Doubs Yellow Carrots

This old French heirloom lemon-yellow variety (modelled here by Angi during the harvest yesterday) has a fine, distinctive sweet taste and aroma that is seldom found in modern carrots. It is slow growing, giving it time to develop its lovely flavour. Minimal core so it won't be woody and gives you a lot of carrot for your money!

Mixed Chillies, varying heat

We saw these growing just a couple of weeks ago, see left, when we first visited the gardens and couldn't resist ordering a tray. If you're planning a curry this weekend then you know where to come for your chillies. We will also be using them in this week's bread special (see below).

Rosabelle Potatoes

A lovely oval, red skinned potato with yellow flesh that sometimes has a pink blush to it. Fairly firm, slightly waxy. Good for salads.

I hope you will be inclined to give some of this local, organic harvest a try. We plan to keep offering you seasonal produce each week when available so I really hope it proves popular and we can continue supporting the hard-working team at Audley End.

And in addition we have another new product on offer at MMB this week that is a really special one for me, personally. Bee Space Honey. We have followed the journey of this new venture from our friends Sara & Darren Macbay in Clare from when they got their first hive in 2017. Their first honey harvest was in 2018 and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it was the most incredible honey I've ever tasted. I don't think I knew honey could taste that good. So naturally from that day forward I've been encouraging Sara & Darren to get it out there so we can stock it on our shelves at MMB. And that day has finally arrived. We will have two types of honey to choose from:

Raw Honey. Made from the flowers that are around later in the year. The bees collect nectar and pollen from surrounding gardens, trees and hedgerows in the villages of Ashden, Clare and Stoke-by-Clare. Nearby there are wild flower meadows that have been sown specifically to attract pollinators as well as a 'lacy phacelia' cover crop in the field next to the hives that produces a very floral, light honey. The raw honey is not heat treated or processed in any way so the high nutrient content is preserved.

Creamed Set Honey. This is made from the oil seed rape flowers. It gets gently warmed and whisked to break up the sugar crystals resulting in a dreamy, marshmallowly floral triumph! My personal favourite.

Walden White Sourdough + Fen Farm Dairy Bungay Butter + Bee Space Honey... there may well not be a finer comfort breakfast (lunch or tea). I look forward to hearing what you think.

For those of you visiting the shop this week you will notice some new equipment we've installed. I'm not going to reveal what that is for just yet otherwise you'll never get to the end of this blog but next week I will be ALL OVER IT and I am confident you will be as excited as I am.

Ok. So as well as some incredible local, organic produce we should probably offer you some bread too don't you think? Here is what is on offer this week:


Pre-orders only for collection between 11am and 4pm.

Walden Whites

Heritage Grain & Malted Wheat Flake Tins


Cheese & Chilli Sourdough

Chocolate Babkas

Cinnamon Babkas

To place an order to collect on Thursday please email by 5pm on Wednesday at the very latest.


Walk ups only. Open from 11am.

Walden Whites

Super Sours

Heritage Grains & Malted Wheat Flake Tins/Loaves





Again, walk ups only. Open from our earlier time of 10am.

Walden Whites

Super Sours

Cheese & Chilli Sourdough


Heritage Grains & Malted Wheat Flake Tins/Loaves



We are also expecting a big delivery from Fen Farm Dairy this week so we will be topped up with Bungay Butter, Skyr Yoghurt and we've also got a batch of their delicious Baron Bigod cheese on its way too, because I think we are all entirely justified to stock up on the comfort food right now, don't you think? Just no panic buying people ok?! Ha, can you imagine people panic buying Baron Bigod - how so very Saffron Walden!

Hope you have a good week everyone. See you later on in the week.


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