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MMB w/c 23rd November


Happy Weekend! But apologies this is coming a bit late. I have no excuse, other than I COMPLETELY FORGOT. Maybe I shouldn't admit that, but there is such a huge sense of relief when we get to the end of all the Friday collections and deliveries without any major fallout that it's tempting to just put MMB to the back of my mind for a few hours and surrender to a plate of oozy cheese and a large glass of wine. Which is what I did. Forgetting that my To Do List was no yet complete. Please do forgive me.

Talking of cheese, this is the last week you have to order one of our Neal's Yard Dairy cheese boxes for Christmas. I know, I know, it seems so early still but think how smug you will feel if you can tick the all important cheese board off your festive duties list, especially in the knowledge that it has been put together by THE most knowledgeable cheesemongers in the country. Extra points for those of you that try to pass it off as your own, well thought out, cheese board after months of trial and error trying to find the most complimentary selection. Head to the Christmas 2020 page of the website to see what your options are and let me know by Thursday 26th November to ensure it will be ready and waiting for you at MMB from Friday 18th December.

Returning to Tuesday, the list for Tuesday orders to collect from MMB is now live on the website here.

As per last week we will have boxes of four Cinnamon Buns available to pre-order and, a new addition to the MMB offering, you can now buy a roll of our popular sourdough cookie dough ready to cut into your own rounds and bake at home. We've been meaning to offer this for longer than I can remember; nothing like another lockdown to whip us into action so we can continue to offer all the goodies in a slightly alternative way.

Please note all items are limited in number so until I confirm your order not orders are guaranteed. You can place an order via the Contact Form on our website or by emailing

The deadline for Tuesday collection orders is 5pm on Sunday 22nd November. Tomorrow. Again, sorry for the short notice.

Ooh also, one last thing, I'm happy to let you know that we will be open this coming Saturday morning. We've made the decision, having seen how other businesses have responded to the latest lockdown, that we feel comfortable opening up again on a Saturday for walk ups. We have put in place a new counter which will help with distancing and continue to ask for a one in, one out system along with use of sanitiser on arrival etc etc. And of course if there is a queue please be aware of spacing out. Not that I need to remind you. It's pretty much the norm now isn't it. I won't be there as we don't currently have Saturday morning childcare but Jeff will be baking away, along with a very special guest appearance from super MMB supporter, Fran, who will be helping him out. Thank you Fran!

It's nice to have a little light at the end of the tunnel of lockdown 2.0. Life feels a little more normal when MMB is open on a Saturday.

Speak soon (don't forget - Tuesday deadline = tomorrow at 5pm).

Megan x


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