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MMB w/c 19th October


Heads up: this is a long one. My Dad will undoubtedly reply saying 'nice blog Megan, bit long maybe?' so I'm sorry Dad. Skip to the end if you just want to read about bread!

Another week, another lockdown, another blog post from Megan. I hope amongst all the craziness that is going on all around every one of us at the moment, my ramblings provide a little interlude and light relief. And for those of you that get to the shop each week, I hope our increased supply of delicious provisions add a little bit of happiness and enjoyment.

A head's up that next week we will be closed as it's Half Term and we are going to attempt to give our girls some form of Covid-friendly Halloween and 11th birthday celebrations (think of us on Monday as we head to Ikea for a birthday room-makeover trip. I'm just going to focus on the meatballs at the end). So do stock up when you visit this week as we will not be open again until Wednesday 4th November. NOVEMBER??? HOW??? And you know what happens in November don't you... the Christmas tunes begin. Oh how Jeff loves me all the more at Christmas time. Band Aid, bring it on.

We were delighted to see so many of you trying some of the new Neal's Yard cheeses and the Cobble Lane Cured meats last week. They certainly were very popular. And I've just spent a very enjoyable 45 minutes talking cheese with Rick at Neal's Yard to choose this week's selection. Here's what you've got to choose from:

Lincolnshire Poacher

This cheddar cheese 'typically has long, sweet pineapple flavours, but it can also be rich and savoury. Generally the texture is smooth, close, and densely creamy, almost like a Comté'.


We decided to get the Dorstone back this week as our goat's cheese of choice, as it was very popular last week and a number of you missed out. 'A turret-shaped pasteurised goats milk cheese, rolled in an edible ash. Made at Neal's Yard Creamery, the flavours are zesty, bright and fresh with a pleasant citrus sparkle and a light and fluffy texture'.


'A Camembert-style cheese with a classically creamy and unctuous paste. Flavours are vegetal, truffley and garlicky'. Yum.

Stichelton Blue

And we're going to stick with the Stichelton again this week for our blue cheese. This stilton style cheese 'can exhibit a multitude of long lasting flavours ranging from green apples to beef stock. It has a juicy acidity and toasty, biscuity notes towards the rind. The texture tends to be soft and creamy'. And after talking with Rick about creamy stiltons (I often have to pinch myself that this is my life now, talking creamy stiltons for a living) he is going to send us cuts from their second batch which, this week, is super creamy. Can't wait.

St Cera

Apologies to those that were looking forward to this last week. But we hope you enjoyed the Rollright instead. Pretty incredible isn't it? This week I've been assured we can have the St Cera. 'The washed rind of this cheese is made by an in house team at Neal's Yard Creamery using St Jude's cheese from Bungay in Suffolk (made with the milk produced by the happy, Fen Farm Dairy cows). It is a small, spoonable washed rind cow's milk cheese with a runny, melting texture. Its flavours are intense, pungent and farmyardy. This is a cheese for those who like it strong.

In terms of other produce we are fully stocked again with Cacklebean Eggs, lots of Cobble Lane Cured meats and Bungay Butter. I'm trying to get hold of some more Fen Farm Dairy Skyr yoghurt, but it's proving difficult so I can't guarantee it. I'm assured we will definitely have it after half term if I can't get it in this week. We are expecting a fresh delivery of coffee from Wood Street Coffee and we will have some Audley End Kitchen Garden produce up for grabs too - apples, pears and carrots. The best tasting fruit and veg in Saffron Walden? We think so.

We have another new collaboration this week for our sourdough special. We are teaming up with Jack from Bare Bone Smoke & Live Fire to bring you a Smoked Garlic Sourdough. If you haven't already come across Jack and his wares then have a look at his Facebook or Instagram page. If you want the best quality, bbq'd meat then Jack is your man. During lockdown he set up a delivery service so you can enjoy a selection of his brisket, baby back ribs, pulled pork etc at home, along with sides including slaw, pickles and bbq pit beans. We had it with some friends a few weeks ago and it was REALLY GOOD. I'd highly recommend it.

Jack has recently started smoking other items in his residual bbq heat including squash and garlic and so we've jumped on the back of this and decided to throw some of the garlic into our sourdough this week (to scare away all those halloween vampires... tenuous link I know but go with it). In addition to having it in our bread Jack has also given us some spare garlic so you can take some home with you. It'll only be available this week as it's freshly smoked. So grab some bulbs and use it in all your cooking this weekend!

Here's what's on offer in terms of bread this week:


Walden Whites only


We will have a handful of loaves available for walk ups but to guarantee bread do continue to order for collection between 11am and 4pm:

Walden Whites

Smoked Garlic Sourdough


Heritage Grains & Malted Wheat Flake Tins

Chocolate (sharing) Babka

Cinnamon (sharing) Babka

To place an order to collect on Thursday please email by 5pm on Wednesday at the very latest.


Walden Whites

Super Sours

Smoked Garlic Sourdough


Heritage Grains & Malted Wheat Flake Tins

Cinnamon Buns & Cookies

And a limited batch of our new lunchtime buns - cheddar, gruyere and oregano buns (which this week will be made with Neal's Yard cheese because, really, why wouldn't we?).


Open from 10am.

Walden Whites

Super Sours

Smoked Garlic Sourdough


Heritage Grains & Malted Wheat Flake Tins

Cinnamon Buns, Vanilla Buns & Cookies


I'm happy to confirm that we are now opening our doors a little earlier for walk-ups than the official 11am opening times on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you're after buns then you need to hold off until 11am but if it's just bread, and we have some on the shelves, then do by all means pop your head around the door and we will be happy to serve you. From 9am onwards. We hope this will be welcome for those of you in town after the school run or for those that prefer to get their provisions in earlier in the morning before it gets busy in town.


Just a reminder that we do ask you to wear a face mask when coming into MMB and sanitise your hands on entry. The longer we can keep our door open and our customers safe, the better.

Ok. I'm sorry this went on a bit. There's just so much to tell you about and I get a bit over-excited. Half term will do me good. Nothing like a trip to Ikea to calm down one's emotions.


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