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MMB: Hoodies, December Devisings and the return of the Walden Wicked

11th November 2019

Who said 'hoodies' were threatening? 

Our youngest joined us in the shop at the end of the bake on Saturday. This view made me laugh. She can get a bit bored waiting for us to finish up sometimes but on this occasion she was happy to wait patiently, watching the Saffron Walden world go by, offering us a running commentary.. And when a few unlucky customers appeared at the door hoping for bread she took matters into her own hands by simply pointing at the 'Sold Out' sign hanging on the door. A bold move, if a little short. I'm sorry if any of you were on the receiving end of this 'customer service' - not our usual style to just point at a sign to communicate with our very valued customers! We will raise this with her in her next performance and pay (pocket money) review, I assure you. 

We've had a busy week since I last wrote. As well as baking hundreds of cloves of delicious, squidgy garlic to entice you all with those Slow Roasted Garlic Sourdoughs, we've been working hard behind the scenes gathering a few select bits and pieces together to help you with your Christmas shopping this year. I will go into more detail on this next week but suffice to say I am excited about what we have on offer, focussing very much on either local produce, items from similar small, independent businesses or tools that we use ourselves in the shop and want to share with you. Keep an eye out on social media over the next week or so where we will start to spill the beans a little more and I promise I will fill you in further in next week's newsletter.

In other seasonal planning, I had an exciting meeting today devising some fun ideas for our festive window which we will shortly be installing and we've been talking to our friends at Fen Farm Dairy about what they can offer you all to elevate your Christmas cheese boards.

Can you tell I love this time of year? Jeff keeps telling me to rein it in. We are even having debates about when is an appropriate time to start adding a few festive jingles to our musical accompaniment in the shop. In fact for those of you on Instagram we will be asking for your help with this. If I can't have Christmas music on yet then I need some new inspiration for uplifting, fun MMB playlist tunes. Keep an eye on our Stories to have your say.

In the meantime, until I can start adding generous doses of cinnamon, orange and speculaas spice to our specials, I will step aside to allow the return of the Walden Wicked. Do you remember this loaf? It was the first of Jeff's genius creations with a mixture of Mature Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeño Chilli added to a white sourdough. Not too spicy but a generous warmth to accompany your bowl of soup on a chilly Autumn evening. This loaf will be available on Friday and Saturday this week. From Thursday through to Saturday we will have our Worthy Sourdough (think wholemeal, but lighter) as well as Walden Whites and Super Sours. We are going to have a few Rugbrøds available on Friday as we are getting more and more requests for these earlier in the week. They will of course also be available on Saturday along with Tinned Sourdoughs, which will include the Tinned Wild Sourdough (the white tin with soaked seeds and grains thrown into the mix) as that went down very well the last time we did it. 

Buns and cookies will of course be on the counter for the keen amongst you, plus our new filter coffee to keep you all uplifted, which we were pleased so many of you enjoyed trying last week. 

Oh and don't forget we now regularly have a handful of Walden Whites on a Wednesday (so much alliteration) which is wonderful. Sorry. 

So do pop in, say hi, fill us in on your news and let us load you up with goodies to take home. It's what makes the world go round and keeps a smile on everyone's faces. 

Have a good week!


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