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MMB - Deck The Halls... Fa la la la laa....


At last! I get to finally get my Christmas baubles out (not a euphemism). The Christmas tunes are practically bursting out of my Alexa and poor Jeff was made to go up into the loft yesterday to get down the Christmas star that goes above our piano every Christmas at home. Oh I do love Christmas. And not even Covid will get in the way of my festive merriment. We've even decided/been persuaded that two trees are in order this year. One small one for imminent instalment and then the bigger LET'S DO THIS tree closer to the big day itself. I just think we really have to go for it in every way we can this year. All the trees, all the baubles (stop it) and all the cheese. More on that in a bit...

So we made it through week one of our revised procedure no. 5349 as a result of bloomin Covid. It's been a very steep learning curve. It's weird producing so much bread but not seeing the faces of all the people we usually sell it to. But we were pleased that the delivery option was popular and that those that still wanted to collect their provisions in person still had that opportunity earlier in the week.

Looking ahead to next week, for now I am just writing to you in relation to Tuesday pre-order collections from MMB. A couple of additions for Tuesday collections include Rugbrøds and Cinnamon Buns. Yes, Super Sally will be back in next week twisting, plaiting and rolling Cinnamon Buns ready to sell in boxes of four on Tuesday morning (apologies, we won't be able to offer these in smaller quantities). They will be limited in number so if you'd like to reserve some please make sure you add them to your order, which you should place asap as I can imagine they'll get snapped up pronto.

You can see what is available for Tuesday 17th November collections by clicking here.

Please note all items are limited in number so until I confirm your order not orders are guaranteed.

The deadline for Tuesday orders is 5pm on Sunday 15th November. For those of you that would prefer home delivery on Friday 20th November, I will write again at the start of next week to let you know what's on offer. Please don't send in any Friday orders prior to then.

Christmas Cheese

Somehow it has got to the middle of November already and I haven't had a chance to write to you about our Christmas cheese offering this year. We have teamed up with Neal's Yard Dairy to make life a little simpler by offering you the choice of three boxes each containing a selection of wrapped and labelled Neal's Yard Dairy cheese. These are available to order now for collection from MMB in the run up to Christmas.

Three Cheese Selection

Colston Bassett Stilton 320g

Tunworth 250g

Lincolnshire Poacher 250g


Five Cheese Selection

Colston Bassett Stilton 320g

Windslade 230g

Pitchfork Cheddar 250g

Ragstone 200g

Kirkham's Lancashire 200g


Seven Cheese Selection

Beenleigh Blue 170g

Little Rollright 250g

Hafod 275g

Ragstone 200g

Spenwood 220g

Gorwydd Caerphilly 215g

Baby Baron Bigod 250g


You can read more about each of the cheeses on offer on the Neal's Yard Dairy website.

If you'd like to place an order for any of the three boxes please email me at stating which box you'd like to order no later than Thursday 26th November. They will be ready to collect from MMB from Friday 18th December onwards ready for you to enjoy over Christmas or in the New Year.

And talking of Christmas (did I mention Christmas?) the website is now listing various gift ideas which you may like to have a little look at if you're keen to find something a little different this year, and/or you're trying to support local and independent businesses during these challenging times. You can find the page in question here. It's not a web-shop I'm afraid as my brain/children/annoying need for sleep has not allowed me to suss that out like so many other far more efficient business owners have, but if anything takes your fancy you can email me and I will arrange to either post it to you or you can collect it from MMB in person. I'll be adding more items to the page over the next few days/next week (depending on brain/children/sleep) so do keep checking in. I'm particularly chuffed with our new MMB tea towels. The perfect stocking filler or affordable postal gift for those friends and families you can't see this year. If they know about MMB, that is. Otherwise they might not be so taken with a towel covered in weird Ms. Understandable.

Ok I think that's it for now. I'm off for a nap (did I mention how much sleep I need?) before the children get home and I have to start thinking about whether to delight them with pesto pasta again or, OR Ikea meatballs which we stocked up on during our Half Term VISIT FROM HELL. Lucky, lucky girls.

Have a good weekend, and don't forget to get your Tuesday orders in by 5pm on Sunday.


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