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Milkmen euphemisms, tabards and fruit & nut sourdough (stick with me!)

24th February 2020

'MMB Street circa. 1922' *


I can't quite believe it's nearly the end of February already. I think it must be the hideous weather making me feel like we're still in deepest, darkest January. Someone pointed out to me that this time last year we were in the middle of a freak February heatwave, sitting outside in t-shirts and feeling guilty about climate change. Not so much now. I write curled up on my sofa in my cosiest slouchies (= term for 'clothes' that are one step up from pyjamas and deemed just about appropriate to answer the door to the milkman in. Wait a minute - milkman? Milkman Megan? When was the last time you had the milkman come to your door clinking his bottles - not a euphemism - and checking what little note you had scrolled up and stuck in the top of the bottle to confirm the next day's order. Honestly Megan what planet are you on? Next you'll be describing your home on a dusty old street, dirt-covered children hoop rolling whilst the rag and bone man hollers and you open the door to the milkman in your tabard. Let's open the door in your slouchies to the post(wo)man shall we? Far more 2020.

Normal opening hours resume

Thank you for allowing us the flexibility to close on Thursday last week in order for us to juggle half-term childcare and sourdough commitments (funny image of literally juggling our daughters and a loaf of sourdough - ha!). Much to their delight they are now safely back off to school and normality can resume. We will therefore be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as usual with a limited offering of just Walden Whites on Wednesday (Walden White Wednesday. WWW).

Tonight - Female Founders on Instagram with Fleur Emery

For those of you on Instagram you may care to join myself and Start Up Expert, Fleur Emery, having a live conversation about all things MMB/Start Ups/Sourdough/Small Business this evening at 8pm. Fleur has offered me some very sound advice over the last year and for those of you considering starting a business or even if you're a few years in but could do with some expert support then Fleur is your gal. Her instagram page is full of massively helpful advice and she's built a brilliant community with lots of very inspiring and useful conversations going on between other small business owners.

So if at 8pm tonight you're at a loose end and you'd like to join in the fun head to Fleur's page (@fleuremery) and click on her stories and there we will be. If you have any specific questions you'd like to pose to yours truly then Fleur has a 'what shall I ask Megan?' sticker live on her stories as we speak so you can submit questions up until 8pm tonight. And no judgement at all if they're completely business or sourdough unrelated. Favourite song from Slipper & The Rose perhaps? (He/She Danced with Me... or maybe Suddenly it Happens...tough one).

This Week's Sourdough

Well that Hazelnut Sourdough was a bit special last week wasn't it? If I were a sourdough scientist I'd be able to explain why the addition of hazelnuts made the crumb inside so fluffy and silky. Maybe the oils from the nuts had something to do with it. But I'm no sourdough scientist so I do not have the answers. What I do know is that I'm keen to try it again. Therefore this week's special is going to be fruit 'n' nut themed - Toasted Hazelnut & Jumbo Raisin Sourdough. I have a good feeling it's going to be pretty darn tasty. This loaf will be available on Friday and Saturday.

Our brown sourdough will be the classic Wholewheat & Rye, available Thursday through to Saturday along with Super Sours and Walden Whites. Rugbrøds and Tinned Whites will be on offer on Friday and Saturday.

And of course buns. And cookies. And filter coffee. Thank you, by the way, for your feedback on MMB offering a wider choice of coffee. The most observant being that it could slow down the bread queue yet further which we would not want to do. Leave this with us. One for us to ponder further.

Have a good week tribe.


*photo courtesy of Toronto Photo Library ref. TRL, Acc. X65-189

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