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Babkas & Bloody Marys (take two)

28th July 2020


Just a brief check in from me this week ('thank goodness for that' I hear you say, 'she doesn't half ramble on most of the time').

Firstly thank you for your understanding when we had to unexpectedly close last week. Everything is still a little up in the air so we are having to take one day at a time, but the plan is to carry on as normally as we can until there's a change in circumstances. Which means we can try again getting the Bloody Mary Sourdough back on the shelves. We will have this on the shelves on Saturday.

Let's talk Babkas shall we? We've been trying to get these out for, literally, months. Babka, for anyone feeling perplexed, is a sweet, braided bread. We use an enriched dough that we roll out and spread with a filling such as chocolate or cinnamon, before rolling it up and braiding it before baking. It is perfect for sharing as it can be sliced, freezes well and toasts well on day three or four.

Sound appealing? They should do. They are pretty good. And I am chuffed to confirm, at last, that a limited number of these will be available to pre-order for collection on Thursday or Friday this week. We also hope to have a handful available for walk-ups on Saturday morning. On Thursday we will have Cinnamon Babkas on offer and on Friday it'll be Chocolate Babkas. Each babka weighs around 650-750g approximately (dependent on filling), is the equivalent to about 6 cinnamon buns, and costs £15. This week we will have just eight available on each day so if you want to bag one ('bag a babka' - say that fast ten times) then drop me an email to, confirming which day you'd like to order one, for collection between 11am and 3pm.

Back to bread.


Sourdough pre-orders stand as per usual. Walden Whites and Heritage Grain & Malted Wheat Flake tins. If you'd like to order, drop me an email by 5pm on Wednesday. Collection on is between 11am and 3pm.


...will be for walk ups only (unless you've pre-ordered a Babka) with Walden Whites on offer, plus Rugbrøds.


All of the above plus Bloody Mary's, Super Sours, White Tins and a handful of Babkas - first come, first served.

Oh and we hope to have some more of the beautiful produce from The Estate Dairy available from Thursday onwards, including those iced lattes which I know a number of you were big fans of when we launched them a couple of weeks ago.

No Sunday Bunday this week. All the more reason, I'd suggest, to try Babka.

Have a good week (this wasn't so brief after all was it, and a lot of information to take in - I'll try better next time)!

Megan x

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