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MMB: Keeping things simple, for now...

20th November 2019


I'm going to jump straight into this week's bread as I will shortly be sending out a separate email detailing what we have on offer at MMB this Christmas. And there's a lot. But I'm sure many of you just want to know what sourdough we have on offer this week without being bombarded by festive toned excitement from yours truly. So I will keep this brief, and you can then get back to your November suitable activities - sweeping leaves from your porch, secretly eating the excess of Halloween sweets that you've refused to allow your children to break their teeth on or debating a suitable November temperature for your heating thermostat (22 degrees).

Our baking efforts this week are going to be a little experimental (I can see Jeff rolling his eyes right now - 'why do you have to make life difficult for yourself Megan?'). We have ordered in some organic stoneground flour from Shipton Mill which we are keen to try out. The majority of our white flour we use at the moment is roller-milled. This is a more modern way of milling wheat resulting in a very pure, fine white flour. It is still organic and is milled in the UK. It's really good stuff. But we want to do better. And this is the first step towards doing that. Stoneground flour is a more traditional method that is less aggressive and keeps a lot more of the goodness in every grain. As a result the 'white' flour has specks of the bran and wheatgerm in it, is more beige in colour and offers a nutty flavour and a beautiful texture. Furthermore the wheat used in this flour is 100% grown in the UK. And that makes me happy. Now more than ever we need to be doing whatever we can to support our UK farmers and millers. So you see why we are keen to give this flour a go. It will have its challenges, this style of flour can be a bit more temperamental, but we shall see what happens. And hopefully you will reap the benefits. We will have a handful of these Stoneground Walden White loaves available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday together with our usual Walden Whites and Super Sours.

Our brown this week will be our Seeded Wholewheat & Rye available on all three days. And then on Friday and Saturday we will also have our Chocolate Sourdough on offer together with some Rugbrøds which seemed to be popular last Friday. And finally on Saturday we will also have a small number of our Milk & Honey Sourdoughs using a pot of honey that we have been gifted all the way from Mexico. How can we not put it in some sourdough for you?

We look forward to seeing you later on in the week. And keep your eye out for another email popping into your inbox from me. I'm about to get festive.

Have a good week!


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