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Every sourdough fan has their preferred way of storing their bread. Thankfully as well as all the other brilliant benefits to sourdough, the natural acidity found in sourdough helps keep the bacteria away and therefore takes longer than yeasted bread to grow mould.

I like to simply wrap it in a tea towel and pop it on the side in the kitchen. Like this it keeps for 3 days to eat as bread, 4 or 5 for toast (if it lasts that long).


Some people vow by keeping it in a plastic bag. This certainly makes it softer and therefore easier to cut. I guess it depends how crunchy you like your crust. If you do this, do ensure it is kept in a dark place to avoid mould and eat it sooner rather than later as the moisture that can occur in a plastic bag can encourage mould to grow sooner.

You can of course use a bread bin. I'd suggest wrapping the cut end to stop it from firming up too much.

I wouldn't recommend storing it in your fridge. Despite common perception this can actually decrease the longevity of your sourdough, plus it is not nearly as pleasurable eaten cold.

Sourdough also freezes extremely well. Click HERE for instructions on freezing and defrosting your sourdough.

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