Alongside our sourdough we also stock a limited collection of other produce that sits well alongside our sourdough. 


'Bungay Raw Butter is the UK’s only raw farmhouse butter produced by using a lactic culture. It is made by hand on the farm in the traditional way, by souring the cream using a cocktail of lactic bacteria, before churning and hand-paddling with traditional scotch ‘butter hands’ made from wood. It is the closest thing to the original Suffolk butter. We use the milk warm from milking and our grass-fed cows are an ancient breed, Montbeliarde, hand- picked by Jonny from small farms in the Jura region of France. They only give a small amount of milk but it is rich and high in protein, producing beautifully creamy and complex flavours. A true farmhouse butter.'


The most deserving of butter to adorn your MMB sourdough, it is churned just days before delivery to Mini Miss HQ (sometimes just the day before) using milk from a single herd of 300 happy Montbeliarde and Fresian cows.


(Please note that this butter is unpasteurised so may not be suitable for pregnant women, babies and those with compromised immune systems).

PUMP STREET CHOCOLATE - Sourdough & Sea Salt

A unique combination of dark chocolate and sourdough. Sourdough crumbs and a touch of sea salt add crunch and a smooth, malty flavour to the Ecuadorian chocolate. This is a unique combination and is to believed to be the first time a chocolate bar has been made with sourdough.

Handmade from flour and bean to bar in Suffolk, UK. Award winning - International Chocolate Awards 2015 - World Silver & British Silver, Academy of Chocolate 2015 - Best Flavoured Dark Chocolate Bar - Bronze & Great Taste Awards 2015 - 1 Gold Star