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MMB x Here We Go Again!


Perhaps it was naive for me to think we'd be returning after our half term break to 'business as usual' but I think, like many others, the imminent second lockdown is still taking a bit of time to sink in. How many times have you heard 'here we go again!' over the past few days?

However, life goes on and so does MMB. Thankfully, for now, the schools are remaining open and that gives us more flexibility with offering our customers a service of some sort whilst trying to keep everyone as safe as possible. Thankfully we do fall under the 'essential' businesses bracket but we do recognise we are not as essential as, say, loo roll and do not wish to take advantage of an opportunity others have not been offered.

This week we will be open on Wednesday only for walk up sales. It's impossible to know what the demand will be but we will aim to have bread available for you. Open from 9am until we sell out.

We will be closed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week.

And then as for our lockdown provision, we are still working through the details but this is what we're currently thinking we will offer from NEXT WEEK:

Tuesdays - you will be able to place a pre-order to collect from the shop, much like before. Only difference being that we will open for collection from 9am so those of you still on the school run can collect your order straight after. We will close at 1pm.

Wednesdays - closed

Thursdays - closed

Fridays - we aim to have in place a delivery system for those living within a 5 mile radius of Saffron Walden. We are still working through the logistics of this but we hope to be able to offer you bread, babkas, eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt and cured meats delivered to your door, contact free.

Saturdays - closed

I will plan to email everyone in the second half of each week confirming what is on offer on both days, how to place an order, deadlines and payment details. The first of these emails will arrive on either Thursday or Friday this week with details for orders/deliveries for next week.

This is all new to us so please bear with us as we take this one day at a time. We may well have to tweak things as we go along but hope you understand that we just want to balance up what is best for our customers, what is best for us and our families and what is best for the safety of our community. Equally if demand is high we will see what we can do to offer more slots for both delivery and pre-order collections but we believe limiting the times the doors of the shop are open, which encourages people to leave their homes, is the safest decision at the moment.

We are so grateful that we are in the position to be able to remain open in a reduced capacity at this time. I have spent the last few weeks planning lots of lovely things to help you with your Christmas shopping so we really hope the MMB tribe will support us during these bumpy times.

Keep in touch! You all keep us going and keep us smiling and we hope that by continuing to provide you with quality products during lockdown, we will be able to do the same for you.

I'll be in touch again very soon.


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